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A conventional commercial space is usually one or more shuttered shop rooms or a number of floors or even an entire commercial building rented or owned by a business organization. It can even be a plain land. What we call a smart space is a portion of a floor in a commercial building which is separated from the rest of the space by mean of glass or similar material. The individual space owner enjoys several common amenities as different from shuttered rooms. What we discuss here is the scope of smart spaces in the market, prospective clients and the reasons it is a sound investment option.

Invest Less for More

Usually smart spaces in commercial buildings are not visible directly from outside the complex where it exists unlike shuttered rooms. Although it would seem to be a negative aspect, that is the core advantage of it, it is far cheaper than a shuttered room. Most business organizations especially those which do not have frequent walk-in clients like grocery shops or restaurants do not need public visibility. Among them, most one-man companies hold commercial spaces and pay monthly rent, just for the reason that they need one for purposes like business address, company registration, current account, GST registration etc. Most of their activities would be kind of field work in nature. You can hold a smart space in a prime locality in city for a budget far less than you cannot think of a shuttered room in a similar locality. In most cases that would very well suffice your necessity. Shortly, it is an investment option that caters to a market need. The theory is; you have a solution for a specific problem, you have a market. That way, you saw that you can invest less for a commercial property in a prime locality in city. You see, cities grow ahead of time. You can see your investment do too.

A Smart Space for Smart People

Flexibility to rent or buy just as much space as required. Also, you can take spaces in dimensions which can further be subdivided into cabins as you see in offices. You get a private like environment which is free of noise and other disturbances. You get a calm and quiet environment. In shuttered complexes, you buy or hire spaces in multiples of shutter space.

Well Maintained Washrooms and Common Area

Smart people want their space to be neat and tidy. You seldom get them in shuttered rooms.

Generator Support

Centralized generator support is usually not provided in shuttered shops and individual shop owner has to install generator for own purpose. They put generators on corridor which make the whole building messy and smoky. Smart spaces are usually powered with centralized power back up system.

Lift and Fire Prevention Measures

Something you seldom get in shuttered room complexes.

Common Reception

This facility is possible with smart spaces.


1. Finance

a. Bank
b. Money Lending
c. Chit Funds
d. Gold Loan
e. Chartered Accountants
f. Tax Consultants
g. Insurance Companies and Agents
h. Share Broking

2. Real Estate

a. Real Estate Firms
b. Builders and Developers
c. Plan/Design/Vastu Consultants
d. Interior Designers e. Contractors

3. Education

a. Fashion Designing
b. Cookery
c. Soft Skills, Spoken English, Computer, IELTS
d. Competitive Exam Coaching Centers
e. Entrance Exam Coaching Centers
f. Overseas Education Consultancies

4. Information Technology

a. Training Centers
b. IT Firms
c. Café and Gaming

5. Printing and Publishing

a. Ad and News Paper Agents
b. Book and Magazine Stores
c. DTP Center
d. Laser and Flex Printing

6. Audio and Visual

a. Photo/Video Studio
b. Recording, Dubbing and Mixing
c. 2D/3D and Animation Studio

7. Travel and Tourism

8. Advocates

9. Clinic/Lab/Medical Equipments

10. Agencies/Distributors/Offices

11. Gents/Ladies Beauty Parlor

12. Gym

13. Boutique

14. Gents, Ladies and Kids ware

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